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diggs crate and harness

Exclusive for our community, you get up to 35% off EVERYTHING at Diggs right now with codes below (nobody else has this access right now, which is insane!) – very limited time. Harness & “Walk” Gear (35% off!): Code: RACHEL35Saves on ALL “walk” gear, harnesses, leash, collars etc Crates (20% off!): Code: RACHEL20Saves you 20% […]

Viral Amazon Pet Finds

Viral Amazon Pet Finds

Healthy Starting off, we have these two-ingredient banana treats. This only contains banana and coconut oil, which is excellent for your dog’s skin and coat health. Treat Pouch What better way to put those treats than in this beautiful treat pouch, and this comes in different colors. It has a magnetic opening, so when you’re […]


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