What do I look for in Foods?

Friendly reminder that my list of dog foods I love are not intended to be a recommendation for your dog. These are simply foods I personally use/trust/love!

That said, below are some factors I look for in dog food:
• Biologically appropriate ingredient panel
• Transparent/open company to answering my questions about testing/sourcing/formula/manufacturing practices etc
• Majority whole food ingredients
• Nutrient bioavailability
• Lower carbs, rich in protein
• Human grade ingredients/USDA inspected kitchen
• Responsible sourcing
• Sustainable
• No fillers or excessive low quality starchy ingredients
• Although hard to find, organic and non-gmo is key!

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What is “Cooked Fresh” or “Gently Cooked?”

This is one of the fastest growing categories of dog foods found in the freezer section of your local pet shop, or ordered online.

These are considered a “fresh” food as they are only gently cooked or sous vide, frozen, then you defrost in your fridge and feed

Unlike kibble, which is cooked/extruded at extremely high temperatures.

Not only do most dogs prefer fresh foods more, they have much more moisture compared to kibble with nutrients more bioavailable.

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What Products do I Recommend?

Click here to see ALL of my favorite pet products, such as crates, treats, supplements, toys, leashes and more! Remember, I don’t “recommend” products or food, rather, I share what works for me with my reasoning, to help you make an informed decision

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What is Freeze-Dried vs Air-Dried vs Dehydrated?

This category of pet food is extremely popular for good reason imo. They are easy to feed (simply scoop, add moisture and serve), shelf-stable and easy to find in your local pet store or online!
The primary difference is in how they are “cooked.”

• Freeze-dried: moisture removed using a freeze-dryer
• Air-dried: continuous air circulation to remove moisture
• Dehydration: moisture removed by drying the food at very low temperatures

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What are Synthetics Vitamin Packs?

Vitamin synthetics or “pre-mixes” are a hot topic in pet food. These are vitamin synthetic packs added to foods in order to meet nutritional requirements.

Many pet owners avoid these because sourcing of the synthetics can be questionable. Yet again why I am SO picky about the foods I feed my dogs!

Is raw dog food safe?

A common misnomer fabricated by “big pet food” corporations is that dogs will get sick by eating a raw dog food. When in reality, there have been more salmonella outbreaks from kibble!
Dogs were designed to digest biologically appropriate foods, which in their case are foods in their most natural state.

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How do I find a Vet?

You can find an integrative or holistic vet near you by CLICKING HERE. For a personalized online vet consult by one of my favorite & trusted Veterinarian, you can schedule here (code: FUSARO saves you as an exclusive “Rachel Fusaro” community member: SCHEDULE HERE

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