Air-Dried Lamb Treats

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Very handy form factor to work when training, air dried for nutrient density. Dogs like these.

Ziwi Air Dried Lamb Treats
Air Dried Lamb Treats Ziwi
● Multiple color available
● Guilt-Free Training – long, flat shape with absolute and balanced nutrition.
● Ethical and sustainable: Proteins are grass-fed and grass-finished that are produced in New Zealand farm.
● Rewarding Training: Absence of crumble provides for the distraction-free training.
● Air-Dried Nutrition – Food is naturally preserved without artificial fillers using a centuries-old, air drying process that retains nutrients and enhances flavor. The fantastic option for even the pickiest eaters.96% fresh flesh, organs, and bones are used in these recipes, along with potent superfoods including green mussels, organic kelp, and green tripe.

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