Petcube GPS Tracker

An amazing way to make sure your dog is always safe!

petcube gps 1
petcube gps 2
● 24/7 UNLIMITED LIVE GPS LOCATION TRACKING: Follow a pin on the interactive map with the dog’s live location updated every few seconds in any US geography.

● SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED: Petcube GPS Tracker continuously sends and receives GPS position data via local cellular networks, enabling real-time pet tracking. Subscription can be purchased via the app starting from $5/month.

● UP TO 30 DAYS OF BATTERY LIFE (in power save mode): Every minute counts when your dog escapes, and Petcube GPS Tracker has enough battery life capacity to track your pets whenever needed and recharges in one hour.

● LED LIGHT & BUZZER & FLUORESCENT SILICON CASE: Use the built-in beeper, light, and fluorescent waterproof design as additional clues when locating your dog.

● ESCAPE ALERTS & VIRTUAL FENCES & HISTORY: Create “safe zones” on your map and get instant notifications whenever your dog leaves the specified areas. With location history map follow your dog’s steps and learn their favorite spots. Keep tabs on your dog’s activity level by tracking their step count and monitoring burnt calories.

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