Rachel Fusaro About Me

Hopelessly romantic about helping dogs (& their humans)

Rachel Fusaro About Me

After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science, I spent +10 years training rescue foster dogs and working in the pet food industry where I was surrounded by thought leaders in pet health (Veterinarians, Canine Nutritionists, professional dog trainers,  published authors…)

As a Certified Professional Canine Nutritionist, I started sharing everything I learned after realizing that my access to the smartest professionals in the world was a privilege

Now, I dedicate my life to helping you train and feed your dog, better. And not just from me, but from experts around the world – all completely free, completely for the benefit of your pet. 

Together, we are on a mission to SAVE ALL THE DAMN DOGS by helping humans dog better, in an effort to keep dogs living longer & out of shelters. For exclusive updates and opportunities to learn, join my email family.

-Rachel Fusaro, MBA, BS, CPCN

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