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What to Expect?

You’re like me, you’d do anything for your pet but often wonder if you’re doing the *right* thing. That’s where I come in.

After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science, I worked in the pet food industry where I was surrounded by thought leaders in pet health (Vets, Canine Nutritionists, published authors…) and trained rescue foster dogs for +10 years! It’s been an inspiring journey, but after witnessing the awful reality of pet food manufacturing, I created a community for curious pet parents. I call it the: Dog, Better Community, where we learn how to train and feed our dogs – better!

Where curious pet parents become informed pet parents

Happy Dog Healthy Food

I recognize the education and experience I have is a privilege

So, I created this community sharing what I’ve learned for you to explore.

What to expect:

  • My favorite PET FOOD LIST
  • Vet approved GUIDES
  • Dog training secrets
  • Vet/Brand interviews
  • Product reviews & MORE!

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