Comprehensive Allergy Guide (Vet Approved)

Everything you need to know to help your allergy dog, Vet Approved!

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Important steps to consider for pets struggling with allergy symptoms (eg itchy skin, ear infections), with a focus on holistic and integrative approaches by Dr. Zac and Rachel Fusaro.

This guide includes/addresses:

Personalized vet consult access (50% off code)

Vaccine protocol we follow

Common toxins in your home

Atopic dermatitis

Food allergies discussion

Prescription pet food overview

Brands and products we love!

Diagnostics to consider


Apoquel, Cytopoint warnings

Steroids, anti-histamines, antibiotics conerns

Immunotherapy options

Dog food diets

Chinese medicines (cooling/heating proteins)

Treating the environment


…and more!

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Integrative Allergy Guide with Dr. Zac and Rachel Fusaro!

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