Vaccine Guide (Vet Approved)

Vet Approved guide on pet vaccines
vet approved rachel fusaro
BONUS: Includes affordable titer test options!

This free guide outlines the vaccine protocol that Dr. Judy Morgan & Rachel Fusaro follow for their pets, with additional resources on titer tests and risk assessments based on lifestyle.

For an even deeper dive, watch the video included on the last page of the guide.

IMPORTANT: This guide is for informational purposes only to share with your local Veterinarian, not intended to treat, diagnose, recommend or prescribe vaccines or protocols for your pet. Consult your primary care veterinarian on the best vaccination protocol for your pet. By downloading this guide, you are opting in to receive emails with free recipes, recall alerts, dog food reviews, & training tips! Never spam, and you can opt-out anytime. Privacy policy.
Vaccine Starter Guide with Dr. Judy Morgan and Rachel Fusaro

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