33’ Long Lead

A 33′ long lead is a type of dog leash that is extra-long, typically made of durable materials like nylon, and comes in various colors. It has a sturdy clip or attachment point for a collar or harness and may have a handle for added control. It is designed to provide dogs with more freedom and range of motion while still under control, often used for training or outdoor activities like hiking or beach trips.

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33 Long Lead 2
33 Long Lead 3
● Robust webbed leash coated to withstand swampy environments, staying dry and odor-free without losing flexibility.
● Biothane leash has excellent performance with a flexible substrate core and waterproof coating for strength and cleanliness.
● Comes in 22 colors, 4 widths, and 4 lengths for versatility.
● Maintains flexibility in extreme cold and heat.

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