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Looking for an ethical and humane way to keep your pup occupied? Look no further than Bully Chews. These long lasting bully chews are sourced responsibly and come with a safety grip to avoid choking.

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Bully Chews SafetyChew
Safetychew Bully Chews
● Multiple sizes available
● 100% All-Natural – Bully Chews are made of free-range, grass-fed beef that is pesticide free, hormone free, and chemical free. You can trust that you’re giving your dog the best possible product when you choose Bully Chews.
● Pre-Drilled for SafetyChew – Keep your dog safe while they chew with our pre-drilled bully sticks! They’re ready to use with the SafetyChew holder, which helps to keep the stick in place and avoids any choking hazards.
● Low to No Odor -Unlike some other bully sticks on the market, Bully Chews have a minimal odor. This makes them perfect for snacking on in between meals or when you’re trying not to stink up the house.

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