Bumi Tug & Toss

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Excellent for tugging and tossing

West Paw Bumi Tug Toss
Bumi Tug Toss West Paw
● Multiple colors and sizes available.
● Durable Toy for Gentle Chewers: Entertain dogs of all ages with this dog tug toy that expands to double its length and provides entertainment for chewers who are not aggressive.
● Lightweight Pet Play Toys: This lightweight dog play toy has a distinctive S-shape design and is perfect for fetch games and interaction with your canine companion during pet exercise.
● Airborne Pet Toys: Encourage your pet to play and run hard with this lightweight dog tug toy that flies high into the air for canines to capture and chew.
● Recyclable Dog Toy: Provide latex-free dog toys to man’s best friend, like the West Paw dog tug-of-war toy.


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