Chicken Necks

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Single ingredient, freeze-dried food that’s perfect for picky pups

Chicken Necks Raw Paws
Raw Paws Chicken Necks
●Natural Chicken Chews for Dogs: Giving your dog chews with only one substance that haven’t been processed with any chemicals will make you feel wonderful. ● Healthy Dog Chews: Satisfy your pet’s craving to chew because dogs naturally want to chew, provide chicken necks for them as a healthy way to release their energy and to prevent harmful behavior.
● Support Dental & Mental Health: Removes plaque and tartar, cleansing teeth and gums. By releasing dopamine and lowering tension, chewing on dog freeze-dried chicken treats also benefits mental wellness. ● Soft Chews for Dogs: Freeze-dried chews are great for puppies with developing teeth as well as older dogs with sensitive teeth and the ultimate puppy rawhide substitute. ● 100% satisfaction guaranteed: We support our brand and place a high emphasis on the happiness of each and every one of our customers.

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