Deep Snuffle Mat

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I like how deep this is because it makes for a better sniffing!

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Deep Snuffle Mat Viitz
Viitz Deep Snuffle Mat
● Encourage Dog’s Natural Foraging Skills: Use your dog snuffle mat to amuse your dogs and improve their entire feeding experience.
● Extra Suction Cups & Non-Slip Bottom: This puzzle mat for dogs features useful knobs on the bottom to prevent slipping, and your puppy can’t move it while searching for food on it.
● Safe to Use: Long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and food-safe snuffle pad for pups. Made of high-quality nylon, gentle edges of this dog boredom game prevent your dog’s nose from being injured or scratched.
● Easy to Clean: Wash this dog sniff mat by hand or in the washing machine. Then, let it air dry

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