Dig Snuffle Mat

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Highly durable and machine washable. Excellent for my 40 and 60 pound dogs!

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Awoof Dig Snuffle Mat
Dig Snuffle Mat Awoof
● Training Toys: Special dog training mat that lets your dog discover treats or find toys hidden within the mat. It aids in weight loss, energy consumption, and scent training for your dog.
● Non-Slip, Large and Portable: Made of a non-slip material that securely holds the mat and keeps the dog from shifting it. The design is compact and fits into a tiny storage bag.
● Dual-Use: The feeding mat has a dual-use design in that it can be folded into a bowl.
● Simple to Clean: The scent pad’s primary material is felt cloth, an eco-friendly choice that is also simple to take care of.

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