PupPod Interactive Toy

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Interactive feeder that dispenses treats. Dog made contact with the Rocker toy to receive treats from the feeder!

Interactive Toy PupPod
PupPod Interactive Toy
● When a dog engages with the Rocker at the proper time, the feeder throws treats.
● The feeder has integrated hooks and suction cup feet to prevent tipping over and may be mounted on a wall out of the way.
● The feeder “marks” a successful interaction, and users can choose a clicker sound to support clicker training.
● Use the PupPod mobile app to transmit 1080p HD footage from the feeder’s internal camera while you are away from home.
● About two cups of kibble can be stored in the feeder. It connects to the PupCloud backend via 2.4GHz WiFi, and to the toy using Bluetooth. WiFi at 5GHz is not supported.

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