Rumbl Treat Dispenser

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Made in the USA by a small family business using materials that are dishwasher safe and FDA compliant. Excellent for a mental game when filled with snacks!

West Paw Rumbl Treat Dispenser
Rumbl Treat Dispenser West Paw
● Multiple sizes available.
● Slow-Feeder Dog Chew Toys for Moderate Chewers: This spongy and hollow dog toy provides a slow-feeding option that encourages your dog to work for his food.
● Interactive Chew Toys: Giving your dog brilliantly colored chew toy that traps food inside and will keep canines entertained for hours.
● Stimulating Slow-Feeder Chew Toy: Extend playtime with this slow-feeder dog toy that prolongs the life of pricey dog treats and is enjoyable to retrieve, toss, and catch once the treats are gone.
● FDA Compliant Pet Toys: Each dog chew toy from West Paw is non-toxic, FDA compliant, BPA free, Phthalate free, dishwasher safe, and created in the USA.

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