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Fi is a dog collar that helps you keep an eye on your dog’s safety and activity when you are on a trip. It provides peace of mind by notifying you when your dog gets picked up and brought back. With Fi, you can make sure that your dog stays active and healthy, even when you’re not around.

If you hire a dog walker, you can invite them to use Fi to keep an eye on the dog while they’re being walked. This feature is very helpful for people who work long hours and want to make sure their dog is getting enough exercise during the day.

Fi is also useful in case your dog goes missing. Unfortunately, millions of dogs go missing every year, and it can be a stressful experience for pet owners. Fi helps to reduce this anxiety by alerting you as soon as your dog escapes and providing you with the tools to track them to recovery.

Fi’s technology uses GPS and LTE-M cellular networks to track your dog’s location, and the collar has a battery life of up to three months. Additionally, the collar is designed to be durable and waterproof, so it can withstand your dog’s daily activities.

Overall, Fi is a great tool for dog owners who want to ensure their dog’s safety and activity level, even when they’re away. The device helps to prevent the loss of a beloved pet and provides peace of mind to pet owners.

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● Fi helps you keep your dog safe and active while you’re away.
● Get notified when your dog is picked up and brought back from boarding or family.
● Keep an eye on your dog while being walked by inviting your walker to Fi.
● Fi alerts you as soon as your dog escapes and helps you track them to recovery, reducing the risk of losing them like 7,000,000 dogs that go missing every year.

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