WO Treat Pouch


Do you ever feel like your furry companion is the only one who gets to enjoy convenient on-the-go storage during your walks together? Well, fear no more! This product is the perfect solution to this problem. It’s a wearable for humans that comes with ample space for both your personal belongings and your dog’s treats. This innovative wearable is made from 100% recycled knit material. With this new wearable, you and your dog can now both enjoy the convenience of on-the-go storage during your outdoor adventures.

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WO Treat Pouch Wild One
Wild One WO Treat Pouch
● Multiple colors available.
● This treat pouch comes with a built-in waste bag dispenser.
● It comes with an adjustable carrying strap that you can fashion into a fanny pack or a cross-body that provides easy access to treats during puppy training.
● This treat pouch is made with woven knit fibers and is easy to clean.

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