“Worker” Puzzle Toy

Simple to use, keeps dogs busy, and psychologically exhausts them. I prefer this than a simple dog food bowl when it’s time to eat!

Outward Hound logo Worker Puzzle Toy
Worker Puzzle Toy Outward Hound
● Multiple colors and styles available.
● Advanced Level Fun: Your furry buddies will have a lot of enjoyment and their natural hunting instincts will be encouraged with the Dog Worker level 3 interactive dog puzzle. For puppies who have mastered levels 1-2 and are prepared to begin studying in steps.
● Test your Dog’s Mind: Complete three stages in order to access the treats buried inside the secret compartments: swivel the flippers, move the blocks, and spin the central wheel.
● No Removable Parts: Play parts built in that don’t come out when your dog plays.
● Play Safely: Never leave toys with pets that are unattended.

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