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Welcome to my annual gift guide for picky pet parents. This project started after I was searching for the coolest, healthiest and most functional pet gifts - with NO luck. So I made my own!

Note: this is a living document, meaning, check back regularly as I add fun new finds. As always, everything here is a brand/product I use, trust and love. To support my free content for you, affiliate links are included.

New Evolv Crate

diggs evolv
Code: FUSARO11

Out with the ugly wire crate, and in with the new safer and aesthetic Diggs crate with all the bells & whistles. 

#1 Nanny Cam

furbo pet nanny cam barking alert

360 nanny cam that helps you keep an eye on your pet when you’re gone, and more importantly, keep them safe. They have safety alerts, like smoke detection, as well as HD video and COLOR night vision. Highly recommend!

Sweet Potato Liver Chews 


Cleans teeth, rich in fiber and great for picky dogs since it’s sprinkled with beef liver!

Designer Dog Bed

bluerwater dog bed

Washable and beautiful covers free from harmful toxins found in most “cheap” beds. Made from recycled plastics with CertiPUR-US certified orthopedic foam (ie no off-gasing!)

Turmeric Bison Treats

winnie lou

Human grade, grass fed and made with powerful turmeric for immune support – this is a favorite in my house! Plus, you’re supporting a small woman owned business. Win win!

Nail File for Nervous Pups

nail file

Easier and lower stress way to trim your dog’s nails WITHOUT a clipper!

Dog-Themed Notecards

doggie notecards mr boddingtons

Designed in Brooklyn, these one of a kind creations have been featured in the Oprah Magazine and are a guaranteed hit for any dog mom/dad! 

Bone Broth Bites

maev bone broth


Bone broth in it’s natural state, great as a cool treat or meal topper for added joint support and flavor. 

Dog Mom Travel Bag

modern dog backpack
Code: FUSARO10

Sleek, stylish and stuffed with must-haves for your pet on the go from a small, woman owned business. Code: FUSARO10 to save!

*New* Puzzle Feeder

yoggie pot lickimat (1)

Boredom buster slow feeder for wet food, soaked kibble, yogurt or mushed fruits and veggies to make meal time magical! 

Healthy, tasty treats!

bocces treats

It’s 2023 – we’re done with low quality treats packed with artifical ingredients and fillers. These are sure to please any pup (without the gross stuff)!

Best Puzzle Bowl

puzzle bowl

Give your dog enrichment while slowing them down in this easy to wash puzzle bowl!

Safe Flea Repellent

flea destroyer

Natural but effective way to get rid of pesky fleas! Maybe the best stocking stuffer of the year!

Nose+Paw Balm

kin kind paw pad

Highest quality organic paw and nose balm I’ve ever tried – that actually works. Vet recommended and smells divine. 

Healthier Pet Food

simple food project

Looking to upgrade your pet’s food? This is veterinary formulated, sourced responsibly with ZERO filler ingredients.

Safer Home Cleaner

force of nature

Did you know most household cleaners contain toxic ingredients? Even the ones that claim to be pet safe! This is the easiest way to ensure our home is truly clean, without harming our animals (and it ACTUALLY works, really well)

DIY Dog Food

raw vibrance dog

Easiest way to make your dog’s food AT HOME with healthy ingredients in only 3 steps. 

The Pupciclemy woof

Long lasting, easy to clean and refillable enrichment toy. Great for mental stimulation or anxious pups. 

Pet Friendly Plants

sill plants

Gift fresh air and life to your loved ones, completely toxic free and pet safe house plants!

Red Light Therapy 


Therapeutic red light for reduced pain, reduced anxiety & better healing by regenerating tissues at the cellular level. A must have for active dogs or seniors!

Clean Teeth!


At home daily hygiene made easy – simply add to water for dental health! 

Puzzle Mat Slow Feeder

puzzle feeder mat

Slow feeder lick mat for many types of food like dry food, wet food, yogurt, treats and peanut butter. 

New Holiday Puzzle

toppl holiday

Fill with your dog’s food or treats for an enriching meal time, in a new candy cane color!

Crunchy Enrichment Toy

yak chew

Long lasting treat dispensing toy for mental stimulation and teeth cleaning. The perfect stocking stuffer for your pup. 

Favorite Shampoo

nayked pet (1)

My go to conditioner and shampoo that is human grade, veterinarian formulated and cleans my dogs without stripping their natural oils. This is as good as it gets!

Stainless Steel Lickmat

stainless steel lickmat

Finally, a durable lick mat that easily washes! Great for enrichment and reducing anxiety.

Doggy Bathrobe

barkbox bathrobe

Super absorbent and impossibly adorable, this is great way to dry your dog after bathtime! 

Fermented Probiotic

probiotics gussy guts healthy
Code: FUSARO15

I ditched the “daily probiotics” for this fermented superfood topper that is SO MUCH MORE than pre and probiotics. 

Ultimate Grooming Kit

Your discount added in cart!

Support small and spoil your pup with everything they need to maintain a beautiful coat and nails!

Human Dog Bed

pflufl human sized dog bed

My favorite nap spot – the coziest spot in my entire home. WORTH IT!


calm extract
Code: RACHEL10

Gift the gift of calm. This is the only CBD oil I use and trust, full spectrum and 3rd party tested. 

Inflatable Travel Kennel

enventur kennel

Traveling just got safer & easier. The lightest, breathable, secure travel crate that deflates for easy storage. 

Dog Mom Belt Bag

modern dog pouch
Code: FUSARO10

Functional “fanny pack” made for the everyday dog mom. Uses are limitless, and made by a small woman owned business. Perfect for dog walks! Code: FUSARO10 to save!

Training Treats

crumps trainers

Bite sized and healthy freeze-dried treats dogs LOVE! 


adored beast probiotics

Species appropriate pre and probiotics for pets – great for detox and gut health. 

Enrichment Slow Feeder

emat slow feeder

The cutest lickmat and slowfeeder in ONE. Durable, fun to fill and dishwasher safe!

Bandanas that Give Back

the paws bandana holiday

Small woman owned business, proceeds benefit rescue dogs!

#1 Selling Dog Health Book

forever dog

Written by two of my pet health heroes and mentors, this is the best-selling dog longevity book every pet guardian needs in their home!

Safer Bully Sticks

bully stick safety

These have been my go-to bully stick chews because they are responsibly raised, all natural and great for enrichment and dental health. This is a small business in Austin, Texas.

Custom Pet Portraits

west willow pet parent

Yes, this is necessary.

“Fitbit” for Dogs

fi gps collar

Activity and GPS collar that tracks my dog’s steps and location, an absolute must for pet health and safety 

Treat Molds

treat molds pet

Easy and cute molds for DIY dog treats!

Omega Fish Oil

omega oil native pet

Itchy, dry skin? Cracked paws/nose? Looking to help your dog’s joints? This is the answer

Homemade Dog Food

homemade dog food

Learn the easiest way to make your dog’s food at HOME *from a Veterinarian.* Code: FUSARO saves you!

Meal Topper

greenjuju nettles

Easy and healthy way to add some life to the bowl. Freeze-dried for optimal nutrition, and made by a small woman owned business. Love this brand!

Monthly Toy Box


New theme every month, these are fun for pets and their humans. 

Top Pet Health Book

book dr judy

This is for the pet parent that wants their dog to live AS LONG as possible. 6 easy tips for more years with our best friends. 

Pumpkin Treats

pumpkin dog treats

Simple high quality ingredients, made with goat milk and pumpkin for healthy tummies! 

Couch Cover+Bed

couch bed

Keep your couch clean and dry, while your dog has a dedicated comfortable spot on the couch! 

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Table of Contents

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