Is Purina Pet Food Making Pets Sick?

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Over 250 pets reported sick with one thing in common: Purina Pet Food. Is there a recall? Has the brand shared an official report? Do have confirmation that all Purina is contaminated? NO, not at this time, but we have enough reports for concern in my opinion. This will be updated daily with new updates. Latest updates below:

*If you believe your pet became sick from ANY brand, veterinarians and nutritionists are collecting your feedback here: SHARE HERE

Here’s what we know (so far):

  • NEW update with veterinarian: WATCH
  • Over 250 pet parents have reported a sick pet after eating Purina (dogs & cats, mostly Purina Pro Plan) since 12/5/2023
  • FDA has publicly confirmed they are exploring consumer complaints (as of 1/5/2024)
  • No recalls or official brand report at this time
  • No official confirmation of issues with the food at this time
  • DO NOT PANIC, but be aware and seek vet care if your pet has any health/medical issues
  • Some households with multiple pets eating different foods reported the only sick pet was eating Purina
  • Purina Recipes (possibly) impacted based on consumer reports:
    • DOG:
      • Purina Pro Plan Sensitive skin/stomach
      • Purina one
      • Purina skin and coat
      • Purina One true instinct
      • Purina pro plan chicken rice
      • Purina pro plan lamb rice
      • Purina chow
      • Purina pro salmon
      • Purina pro beef
      • purina pro bison
      • Purina pro high energ
      • Purina oNE joint health
      • Purina SPORT 30/20
    • CAT:
      • Purina pro plan ocean fish pate
      • Purina pro plan LIVE clear
      • Purina friskies gravy lovers
      • Purina pro plan salmon – KITTEN
      • Purina pro plan show nurture – KITTEN
  • *I am sharing as a heads up for possible concern with the food* This is not to scare or create panic, rather, to keep you informed. Thank you to the FB group “saving pets one @ a time” for consolidating many of the consumer complaints – it’s a great resource to follow!
  • Purina’s official statement (1/5/24):
  • Take your pet to the vet with any health or medical concerns

Veterinarian Shares NEW Update on Purina

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Where are these “reports” coming from?

  • Comments and private messages on my social media page. You can see comments from pet parents on this post: CLICK HERE
  • Pet parents are sharing reports in Facebook groups (eg Saving Pets one at a Time – this is a good group to visit and research/share your experience through messenger)
  • Vets sharing clinic findings
  • Social media posts (don’t take my word for it, I encourage you to research, too)
  • With so many reports in a short period, it’s hard to believe a recall won’t be coming soon – but time will tell and there is NO confirmation of contaminated food at this point.

What to do if feeding Purina?

  • If I was feeding any Purina food, I’d personally stop until more information is known. As always, I would take my pet(s) to a vet for any health/medical needs right away. I am NOT suggesting you to change or stop feeding any brand, rather, I am sharing information I have received and what you do with it is up to you.
  • If your pet is on a prescription pet food, always consult your veterinarian before making changes. Here is a prescription pet food alternative I would feel safer feeding my pet (to share with your vet): CLICK HERE.

How to stay Informed?

If your pet becomes sick from Purina:

Always consult a veterinarian right away with any medical or health concerns. The below steps are what I would do as recommended by Veterinarian, Dr. Fox if my vet, or I, suspected my pet was sick from Purina. Note: I am not a lawyer or veterinarian. This is not medical or legal advise, rather, what I would personally do if my pet became ill after eating Purina.

  • Keep a sample of the food in the freezer, and the original bag/lot code/receipt
  • I would report it to the FDA (…/) and to Purina ( right away
  • If the brand asked me to send a sample, I would only send a small portion and I’d save the rest in the freezer
  • I would document my conversation with Purina (date, time, who I spoke to). As well as all symptoms I observed from my pet
  • I would get my pet’s food tested:(
  • If comfortable, sharing your experience in this group helps our community coordinate these events (but please refrain from posting lab reports, instead, those can be DM’d in the group). Let them know @RachelFusaro sent you, click here to access.
  • Be aware that Purina may ask you to sign a form in exchange for a refund of vet bill reimbursement. I am not a lawyer or veterinarian, so I cannot advise you on this. However, read everything you sign thoroughly as you may be signing any rights to pursue further legal action by accepting compensation.
  • We know that Purina has been notified by several pet owners and, so far, I have not seen any action taken to alert other pet parents.
  • According to Dr. Fox, DVM, we eventually may see Purina pet food become “unavailable” on the store shelves. This is called a silent recall. And something to be aware of.

What food to feed now?

Picking a pet food is stressful enough, but adding the urgency of needing to switch quick makes it worse. But don’t fret, I have a free dog food list and guides to help you. Here are my thoughts on picking a pet food:

  • Every dog is different, so there is no “best” food for all pets
  • A complete and balanced fresh food diet (ie gently cooked or raw) is my preference, but I understand most feed kibble *and that’s okay!*
  • My personal favorite brands are here: DOG FOOD LIST

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