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Note: this is not intended to treat, prescribe, diagnose, recommend, or cure. Always work with a veterinarian, I am not a vet. This post is not sponsored, but some products or codes may include an affiliate link. 

MYTH: Every dog should eat the same food for their entire life.

Imagine if YOU ate the same food, same flavor, every day. Not only would that be boring, but you may be at risk for nutrient deficiencies. And what would you do if your dog’s ONE brand had a recall, made a recipe change or has a supply shortage?

This is why I never stick to one brand, or one protein with my dogs. I rotate between a variety of meal toppers, food brands and proteins, starting with a slow transition, which will be discussed. Also, this is what works for my dogs. Always consult your veterinarian if your pet has specific health or medical needs.


Don’t take my word for it, SCIENCE and experts in pet health recommend variety in our pet’s diet. 

“The veterinary literature is full of cases of nutritional deficiencies or toxic excesses. Almost every time, the problem arose (or was discovered) because the pet ate a single food for a long time.” -Dr. Hofve, DVM 

A study published in the National Institute of Health found that puppies eating a variety of foods such as organ meat, human meal leftovers, and raw tripe will likely show less allergy skin issues as an adult.

“Dogs’ microbiomes benefit from a highly diversified diet.”Dr. Becker, DVM


THERE IS NO PERFECT FOOD, period. And while every dog is different, I find the benefits of rotating brands, proteins and toppers to have endless benefits for most (again, if you can do safely).


  • SAVES MONEY (I stock up when brands go on sale)
  • Diversity is important for gut health & enrichment
  • Less likely to develop protein intolerance
  • Food shortages happen
  • Recalls: gives you fast, easy options
  • Avoid potential nutritional gaps
  • Reduces boredom/picky eats
  • Enrichment: I love watching my dogs experience new foods

To reiterate, this doesn’t mean you need to change your dog’s food every day or every month. As mentioned, every dog is different, so the execution can vary and be gradual. 


Today, I can change brands or proteins daily without issue. But it took some time to work up to this. When I first started feeding a rotation diet, I did gradual transitions. 

I started by slowly introducing new foods over ~7 days, like in my “7-day swap” method. This helps reduce and prevent digestive upset and allows your dog’s system to adjust to the new ingredients, safely.

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Consider rotating brands every 3 months to diversify your options. This strategy not only ensures your dog has alternative options in case of recalls, supply shortages, or recipe changes but also exposes them to a variety of nutrients and flavors. 

Dr. Katie Woodley highlights some of the benefits of rotational feeding as:

  • Helps “picky eaters”
  • Helps with food sensitivity
  • Aids with a healthier digestive system
  • Benefits from different nutrients

Another benefit to rotational feeding according to is increased moisture consumption. I like to add functional hydration (i.e. bone broth, goat milk) to my dogs’ food bowls even if they are eating a moisture-rich diet like raw or gently cooked. Dogs need about 70% of their moisture intake from their food, so adding functional hydration to every meal remedies this.

Feeding the same food formula for life can increase the risk of a food intolerance developing.  According to Dr. Katie Woodley, “no one dietary formula, no matter how ‘complete and balanced’ it is, can meet all of an animal’s nutritional needs over an extended period.” This is why it’s extremely important to not only rotate proteins within the brand but to also rotate brands altogether. Rotational feeding is a great approach to make sure your dog gets a complete nutrient intake.

Click here for my favorite dog food brands.


  • Kibble: Dry dog food made by extruding ingredients at high temperatures. Convenient and affordable, it’s often supplemented with vitamins and minerals.
  • Freeze-Dried: Raw ingredients are freeze-dried to preserve nutrients, offering a convenient alternative to raw feeding without compromising on nutritional value.
  • Gently Cooked: Ingredients are cooked at low temperatures to preserve nutrients and flavor, offering a balanced and easily digestible option.
  • Raw: A diet consisting of raw meat, bones, fruits, and vegetables, mimicking a dog’s ancestral diet for optimal nutrition.

Mixing kibble with raw food can provide a balance between affordability and nutrition, offering the benefits of both worlds.


Tools like the Animal Diet Formulator, formulated and created by the amazing Steve Brown, can help you identify any nutritional gaps in your dog’s diet and recommend appropriate toppers or supplements to address them. 

“Animal Diet Formulator stays up to date with USDA nutritional data, formulates to meet AAFCO and FEDIAF standards, and considers life stages from gestation/lactation to geriatric, in addition to activity levels for dogs and cats.”

Code: FUSARO saves you a bit. Not sponsored at all, but ADF was kind enough to give my community an exclusive discount code. Limited time code!


Rotation diets aren’t just about health; they also provide mental stimulation and enrichment for your dog. Offering a variety of textures, flavors, and nutrient profiles keeps mealtime exciting and satisfying for your pup.

In conclusion, rotation diets offer a holistic canine nutrition approach, providing health benefits and enrichment. However, it’s essential to approach these changes gradually and with consideration for your dog’s individual needs. Always consult with your veterinarian before making any significant dietary changes.


Animal diet formulator:

Note: this is not intended to treat, prescribe, diagnose, recommend, or cure. Always work with a veterinarian, I am not a vet. This post is not sponsored, but some products or codes may include an affiliate link.

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Table of Contents

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